Aliplast - FR90 Windows

Fire-resistant system

Fire resistant systems are used to create safe zones where the fire, smoke and heat are retained for as long as possible. In the valuation of the standards, the letter E stands for the ability to stop flames, the letter W for the ability to limit heat radiation and letter I for the ability to block heat conduction.
In the valuation the number stands for the time period in minutes.

With a resistance class of EI30 and EI60, the FR90 is extremely suitable as fire-resistant interior doors. In apartments, offices, schools, etc., it offers residents and visitors the opportunity to leave the building in a quiet and safe way

Outer frame built-in depth 90 mm
Sash built-in depth 90 mm
Outer frame glazing 20 mm - 69 mm
Sash glazing 20 mm - 69 mm
Insulation value UW 2,0 W/m²K (1230 mm x 1480 mm; UG: 1.0 W/m²K & PSI: 0.036 W/mK, profiles : FR101-FR101)
Insulation value UF 3,2 W/m²K
Watertightness E1200A (NBN EN 12208)
Airtightness 4 (NBN EN 12207)
Wind resistance C1 (NBN EN 12210)
Acoustic 39 - 47dB (-1;-3)
Fire-resistance EW30 - EW60 - EI30 - EI60

  • Fire resistant system class EW30 - EW60 - EI30 - EI60
  • Internal and external rotating element