Smart Glass International: Privacy Smart Glass

Unparalleled quality, delivered globally, from the specialists in switchable privacy glass.

Switchable privacy glass turns from clear to opaque in less than 0.1 seconds and is ideal for a variety of settings including; meeting rooms, bathrooms, windows, doors, partition glass walls, security screens, art installations and more. The possibilities are endless.

  • Greatest clarity, consistency & stability
    Low iron, premium float glass and premium, German made, Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) for greater clarity and stability. With the world’s most advanced Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) for reliable, consistent performance.
  • Finest manufacturer & finish
    All glass processed and finished in-house using the latest machines and furnaces. Assembled in a climate-controlled, clean room environment. All glass tempered and polished as standard. Precision packed for global shipping.
  • Reliable, consistent operation
    Every unit is subjected to a rigorous set of quality checks including extensive, automated, electrical tests to ensure reliable, consistent operation. Our advanced electrical controllers deliver the highest level of clarity and provide for several fail safes that can automatically shut down and protect the product, prolonging product lifespan.
  • Exceptional UV block
    Privacy Smart Glass provides up to 99.5% protection from damaging UV rays.
  • Longer life
    Our raw materials, processing, finishing, testing and electrical controllers provide a higher quality, more stable, longer lasting product – the reason we can offer our comprehensive 5-year guarantee.

  • Wide range of sizes, thicknesses and glass colours.
  • High temperature, infrared resistance, bullet proof.
  • Double or triple glazed insulated units.
  • Remote switching.
  • Curved glass.
  • And more options.