Prevost Architectural: P-55 Evolution Curtain Wall

New revolutionary technology:
   o Faster installation
   o Manufactured and installed with no sealant required
   o Concealed water drain
   o Sound proofing
   o More energy efficient
   o 38 mm control joint
- 65 mm (2 ½ ’’) wide mullions
- With cap
- Double glazing units only
- Single span and multi-storey

The P-55 Evolution is a durable choice. Since its sealant gaskets do not deteriorate over time, they keep their amazing properties. Made of closed-cell foam (EPDM), they are auto-sealing and ensure a flawless and fast installation, every time.

The P-55 Evolution’s unique design gives it a 55% higher energy efficiency than a conventional curtain wall frame. Thermal conductivity is limited so users inside the building are comfortable, even when close to the mullion, whatever the outside temperature. 

This system has best energy efficiency. It helps reaching standards like NOVO CLIMAT 2 and Energy Star as well as getting LEED points.