Prevost Architectural: 1300 HPT Fixed Windows

Triple insulated glazing

Thickness of the glazing unit 44,5 mm (1,75’’.) 

Available frame depts :  

  • 88 mm (3 ½’’), 1325 frame
  • 120 mm (4 ¾’’), 1345 frame
  • 172 mm (6 ¾’’)1365 frame

Prévost windows can all be classified AW (according to the current NAFS standard), the most demanding performance class in terms of robustness and lifespan.

Aluminum is a more durable and weather resistant material than PVC, which deforms over time. This is why it is the choice of material par excellence to ensure the durability of high-end architectural fenestration.

Did you know that AW rated windows and their hardware have to withstand many misuse and durability tests not required for CW rating?

The window you want, we create it! Versatile and multi-light, the 1300 window can integrate a mixture of configurations (several types of openings in the same unit), is available in different frame depths and for double or triple sealed units.

A wide range of adapted window hardware is available to meet your needs: installed at height, for extreme use or difficult to access…