Polflam: Fire-resistant glass for façades and windows

POLFLAM fire-resistant glass creates façades with extraordinary transparency and excellent performance. The latest structural glazing systems with POLFLAM SG fire-resistant glass allow for a perfectly smooth surface from the outside.

An extremely high light transmittance value provides an optimal light transmittance > 70 %.

POLFLAM fire-resistant glass can also be combined with:

  • low emissivity (Low-E) glass or
  • high selective solar control glass.

Available on the market to improve the energy balance of the building and to achieve the same uniform appearance as non-fire rated insulated glass units.

POLFLAM fire-resistant glass can also be combined with the additional functional properties of safety, sound control and higher security glass panes.

POLFLAM fire-resistant insulated glass (double or triple insulated glass) is designed for façade applications and is available for fire resistance classes EI and EW.

POLFLAM fire-resistant insulated glass for façade and window applications can be used in various available framing systems:

  • aluminium systems,
  • steel systems.

POLFLAM fire-resistant glass for façade and window applications offers many advantages:

  • a wide range of colours and coatings available in double glass units (DGU) or triple glass units (TGU),
  • extremely low Ug-value of 0.5 W/m²K for triple glass units with highly selective coatings
  • large dimensions of IGUs (Insulated Glass Units) available: 2200 mm x 4200 mm, i.e. provides improved thermal insulation properties of the entire façade.