Polflam BR

POLFLAM BR fire-resistant butt-jointed glass can be used in various framing systems without vertical posts (butt-joint glazing):

  • aluminium systems,
  • steel systems,
  • timber systems.

POLFLAM BR fire-resistant glass can be also installed in a frameless butt-jointed system - POLFLAM BR SYSTEM - for EI 30, EI 60, EI 90 and EI 120, allowing fire-resistant glass to be installed directly within walls of various materials without the need for a commercial fire-resistant framing system and without vertical posts (butt-joint glazing).
The POLFLAM BR System can be up to 4800 mm in height with unlimited length of the partition by installing multiple POLFLAM BR fire-resistant glass panes butt-jointed to each other.
The POLFLAM BR System can be installed into walls made of different materials such as aerated concrete, perforated brick or solid brick, concrete or reinforced concrete.