ADP-Facades: 6000 Series Window Wall System

The thermal performance of the 6000 series window-wall is unmatched because of it’s conception similar to curtain wall systems. The aluminum mass is mainly located inside the building. This greatly reduces the conductivity.

The system also has sound attenuation properties because the segmentation between the modules is ensured by closed cell foam linings.

  • Thermal performance that exceeds code requirements.
  • Each module is isolated with barriers of sound attenuating material, which eliminates the propagation of sound.
  • Best installation time in the industry.
  • Fully installed from the inside.
  • No external cranes or scaffolding necessary.
  • Offers great flexibility of adjustment.
  • Innovative system that combines the ease of installation of the window and the design flexibility of the curtain wall.
  • Can be installed over 4 seasons, even in bad weather.
  • Water and air tightness ensured by materials which
    retain their properties over the years.
  • Airtightness 29 times better than code requirements.
  • Easy replacement of sealed units that can be done from the inside or the outside.

Its installation is simplified, which greatly reduces the risk of compromising the waterproofing of the facade. Everything fits together for leak proof seals.

Between the floors, the waterproofing of the system is ensured by silicone membranes which retain their elastic and sealing properties regardless of the weather conditions.

EPDM foam, a material that remains flexible and waterproof in all conditions, does the job at the vertical joints !