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NVOY to provide Fire Resistive Glass and Framing systems

June 28, 2023
Polflam Fire Resistive Glass
Polflam Fire Resistive Glass

NVOY Architectural Products has started working with select distributors to provide fire-resistive glass and framing systems to the North American marketplace.

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The fire-resistive glass systems are manufactured by NVOY’s international partners, POLFLAM and Aliplast.

POLFLAM glass products are regularly tested in the company's factory laboratory and by independent research institutes. NVOY will now be able to meet virtually every code and standard, including ASTM E119.

Aliplast has been manufacturing a wide range of framing options for decades. By combining the two options, NVOY can deliver complete and ready-to-install systems to its distributor base.

“This market segment is so important, and we are glad to be able to support it with high-quality materials,” says Shawn McHale, managing partner, NVOY Architectural Products. “Bringing this range of options via our growing distributor market will make these products much easier to get for the glazing community throughout North America.”

“The glass from POLFLAM is highly transparent and changes the perception of what people think fire-resistive glass looks like,” says McHale. “And if the customer wants the system, this works seamlessly with our partners at Aliplast. Getting high-quality, fire-resistive glass and systems has never been easier.”

NVOY has completed agreements with its initial distributor network but has territorial openings for others. The NVOY website and a complete marketing package are in the final stages and will be released soon.

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